New Stomping Grounds

I recently moved to New York to help my brother build cabins at a children’s camp. One of the positive qualities about this camp is that it is set in the Catskill mountains where there are many fabulous trout streams less than a half hour away. Famous streams such as the Beaver kill, the Neversink, and the Esopus are only a short drive away.  Unfortunately, I can not spend all my time fishing, but I do get the weekends which leaves me two days a week to explore the surrounding waters. On my first weekend I decided to fish the famous Neversink Gorge area. I fished the Gorge area  on both Saturday and Sunday and still did not even cover half of it. It is a beautiful place away from civilization and is chock full of wild brown trout. Words cannot do this place justice, so I will let the pictures do the rest of the telling.

the river
The wild and wonderful Neversink River.
My first wild brown trout of the day.
fellow fisherman
A fellow fly fisherman that made the journey from NYC to fish.
wild b 3
I have to keep coming up with new ways to take pictures of my fish, so I am becoming creative!
NY big brown
My largest wild brown trout to date. He measured 19 inches and took me a solid twenty minutes to get in.
new york work station
My lovely new work bench that Kenton dug out of storage for me to use. He keeps laughing at me for using a hard chair, but it is difficult to sit in an easy chair and tie flies.
wilddd b
It took me 4 tries to get a focused picture of myself, but I finally managed.

It has been about a week and a half since I arrived here in New York, but the place already feels like home. It is great to spend some quality time with my older brother and work with him as well. I hope that I do not annoy him and that I actual help him get some work done. Enjoy the pictures, they’re a glimpse of how great this place is.