Living West

Yes, I am still alive and well! It has been a long time since I have put a post up, and since the last one a lot has changed. My biggest news by far, is that I have transferred to the University of Montana in Missoula. It is truly amazing to be actually living in a place that was once only a dream. Over the past few weeks I have gone on many exciting adventures, exploring God’s wonderful creation.

Hidden Lake in the proposed Great Burn Wilderness.

Besides the many fishing excursions that I have found myself on, I was able to go on a weekend backpacking trip for my environmental science class. The group packed into the proposed Great Burn Wilderness, to learn and discuss the reason why it should become an official wilderness. Let’s just say that after spending a few days in the area, I could not agree more.

great burn
Enjoying a starry night by the campfire.

Now I know everyone wants to see more pictures of myself and some fish, so do not despair, here they are. As well as a smattering of other fishing related pictures.

My prize Westslope Cutthroat, caught and released on a tributary of the Blackfoot River.
water exsposure
Montana, clean air, clean water.
monture cut
Another Cutty from yet another tributary of the Blackfoot.
net rain
A rainbow trout to change things up.
a meal
A back country meal. A few of the fish were not so lucky as the others (they were delicious).

Montana is a wild and beautiful area and I am really looking forward to uncovering the many secrets that this land has to offer. I would also like to give an open invitation to anyone that wants to visit me and see a little of this country for themselves. The couch is always open!

star one
The milky way on a crystal clear night.
water clarity
“It is not the fish we remember, but the rivers where they were caught” – unknown

Back Home

We returned home on Saturday. It was bittersweet: bitter for Wendell, sweet for Kenton, and both for me. I’ve been working through all of the photos and thought I would share a few more. We journeyed 6000 miles, hitting 12 gorgeous rivers and one lake. Now we’re on to editing all of the footage for our film. Check back for our short teaser next!

Ominous weather in Wyoming
Fishing small pockets along the raging Wood River
Crystal clear water and vibrant stones on the North Fork Blackfoot River
The Yellowstone gorge
A curious Marten in Wyoming
Swift waters of the Warm River
Lupine bloomed in every meadow
Nymphing was hot on the Gros Ventre river.
The Gros Ventre river flowing below the Red Hills


Ginkin’ up the dry fly
New Fork Lake offered a few Rainbow Trout on the fly