Winter Fishing Tails

Fall has come and gone and winter has smashed in like a wrecking ball. Over the last few weeks I have had many opportunities to get out and do some fishing. I spent the majority of my time on Rock Creek, because of the proximity and the wealth of fish. Fishing in the winter is entirely different from any other time of year. Even though I have fished Rock Creek many times, after the first  snowfall it felt like a completely different area. I was also able to take a few friends fishing, and we were all lucky enough to catch some fish. This will be my last Montana post for a while since I am returning to Pennsylvania for winter break, so enjoy these last few pictures of the west. Even though I am not yet left, I already miss Montana and cannot wait to come back for spring semester. Missoula is a magical place and once you come here there is no leaving.

winter wonder land
Garret taking a cast on a wintry Thanksgiving eve.

Before I get into the rest of the pictures, I would like to take a few sentences to reflect on my first semester here in Missoula, Montana. When I first left home  in August, I was a little nervous about moving to an area where I did not know a single soul. In this global community that we live in today, it is rare to be in a place where there are no familiar faces. I decided that I would make this new beginning into a fresh start. During these last four months I have met many amazing people who have made Missoula feel like home, instead of  a place away from home. Everyday I wake up and look out my window at the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and I am incredibly  grateful to call this place home. Now before I get too sappy and poetic I better start showing some picture of what I have been up too.

fishing tails 1
Fishing tails.
He was checking me out as I snapped a few pictures of this lovely canine.
I am always a sucker for the classic reel shot!
snow brown 1
Garret pulled in this beauty of a brown!
Elk shot
As I was driving to one of my many fishing destinations, I was surprised to look out the window and see a herd of elk bedded down alongside the road. I pulled up along side them and took a few quick pictures.
garret hooked copy
The double nymph rig produced a nice fat bow for Garret.
Cody fish
My new fishing companion (Cody) pulled this large rainbow out of the first hole of the day.
rock creek fog
A foggy rock creek!
my big brown
Thanks to Cody for taking this picture of my biggest brown for the day. This was also caught out of the first hole of the day. The trout measured 18.5 inches.
Polishing the day off with a couple of smokes! “I fish better with a lit cigar, some people fish better with talent” Nick Lyons

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I wish everyone a happy holiday season. Do not forget to get outdoors and enjoy this lovely winter season.


Living West

Yes, I am still alive and well! It has been a long time since I have put a post up, and since the last one a lot has changed. My biggest news by far, is that I have transferred to the University of Montana in Missoula. It is truly amazing to be actually living in a place that was once only a dream. Over the past few weeks I have gone on many exciting adventures, exploring God’s wonderful creation.

Hidden Lake in the proposed Great Burn Wilderness.

Besides the many fishing excursions that I have found myself on, I was able to go on a weekend backpacking trip for my environmental science class. The group packed into the proposed Great Burn Wilderness, to learn and discuss the reason why it should become an official wilderness. Let’s just say that after spending a few days in the area, I could not agree more.

great burn
Enjoying a starry night by the campfire.

Now I know everyone wants to see more pictures of myself and some fish, so do not despair, here they are. As well as a smattering of other fishing related pictures.

My prize Westslope Cutthroat, caught and released on a tributary of the Blackfoot River.
water exsposure
Montana, clean air, clean water.
monture cut
Another Cutty from yet another tributary of the Blackfoot.
net rain
A rainbow trout to change things up.
a meal
A back country meal. A few of the fish were not so lucky as the others (they were delicious).

Montana is a wild and beautiful area and I am really looking forward to uncovering the many secrets that this land has to offer. I would also like to give an open invitation to anyone that wants to visit me and see a little of this country for themselves. The couch is always open!

star one
The milky way on a crystal clear night.
water clarity
“It is not the fish we remember, but the rivers where they were caught” – unknown

Back to Back Creek, VA

Three weeks ago Brad, Gordon, and, myself discovered a fishing gold mine on Back Creek, VA. We stumbled upon it by accident and were all very pleased with the results. Last Saturday, Brad and I decided it was time for a return trip. Again we were not disappointed and continued to catch big fish after big fish. We ended the day with 34 fish between us with the average size being 15 inches. I caught 21 and brad caught 13, it was a great day. The pictures can tell the rest of the story, I hope you all enjoy! Oh and one more thing the river was at flood stage so that was a little disheartening to start the day off.

The first view of Back Creek from the bridge, a little scary to say the least.
Starting the day off right!
Had to take another picture of the first one.
Brad proudly showing off a splendid Back Creek bow!
They were just all so pretty!
Impossible to cross, so we stayed on the same side all day.
Look at those grins!
You got to love a fish in the snow.
“Check this one out Brad!”
All the trout caught that day were released unharmed, back into the water.