Montana Happenings

Enjoy the photo-journal of the last few weeks here in Missoula, MT.

Fishing the famed Bitterroot river in search of the elusive yet stunning rainbow trout.
Trying my tying hand at a few streamers. Unfortunately school has kept me away from my tying bench of late, so the fly box is looking a little scarce.
bitterroot bow
The bitterroot did not give up many fish, but the ones it did were captivating in their beauty.
The escape! They seem so happy to swim away, its like they don’t like to be caught or something.
I found this old deserted car along side one of the local rivers. Not sure how it got there, or how long it has been there.
I ran into the local sheep heard as I was traversing rock creek one day.
The classic tail and net shot!
garret rapids
Garret and I explored some new water on rock creek, and were quite satisfied with the results!
What he lacked in size he sure made up for in color.



Missoula, MT

There are a variety of reasons for which I have learned to love Missoula. The first and foremost is because of all the opportunities that Missoula offers to the outdoorsman. For starters there is enough quality trout water to keep even the most avid fishermen content, next there is unlimited hiking in any of the multiple wildernesses and national forests that border the city limits. Also let us not forget that amazing community life that Missoula is known for! Enjoy these pictures of Missoula and the surrounding areas.

River reflection2
The view of the Higgins bridge and some of downtown Missoula.
I enjoyed some night picture-taking in downtown Missoula.

Every great river town needs a few fly shops to please the fishermen. Missoula is home to 4 of some of the best (as well as many chains), my personal favorite is Grizzly Hackle.

An excellent wader selection!
I still have yet to purchase a fly from Grizzly.
Ahhh the selection!
Just some nice gear to drool over (that’s why they cover it in glass).

My most recent fishing trip landed a few quality ones, here is what my first cast did for me.

A 17 inch brown trout.
Sometimes I question whether I should just stay in bed.
With spring just around the corner, I have begun planning some fishing trips to explore new areas.

One night I decided to drive to the Montana/Idaho border and take some star pictures. Unfortunately the moon was incredibly bright so I took some other interesting pictures. Enjoy!

Northern lights? I am guessing not.
I cannot imagine all the stars that would be visible if there was not a bright moon out.

Back At It

I realize that is has been a while since there has been any activity on the blog, but do not fear for there are many pictures to come. Recently, I was without a camera and so it was difficult to attain pictures. Now that I have a camera once again, I will be able to post more often. The weather has been unseasonably warm of late, so many days have been spent on the river.  Now for some pictures!

fly box
Choosing the right fly is one of the most difficult decisions that a fly fisherman will ever make.



rock bow w
Rock creek has been producing some beautiful fish this winter.
snow pl
A dusting of snow produced some pretty images.
garret bow
Garret managed this porker of a rainbow on the Bitterroot River.
One afternoon found me hiking right behind campus on Mount Sentinel.
root bow
The “Root” did not disappoint me either!
Some dry grasses on Mount Sentinel.
They were not to sure about me.
This is why I love Montana.