The Last Days of Fall

Winter is just around the corner, so each and every moment has been spent on the water. The famous rivers are pretty much void of any human traffic due to the cold, and other activities. As winter moves in you will probably see more scenery and random pictures than fish pictures, so enjoy them while they last. Enjoy the pictures, as this lovely fall season comes to an end.

It’s always good to have a fishing buddy!
brownnsss al dayy
The leaves are not the only thing that are putting on a color show.
dearborn river
The Dearborn River, one of my new favorite haunts.
My first cast for the day produced this beauty.
garret fish
Garret with a large cutthroat!
Campus is showing off!
rock cut
Rock creek has never left us empty-handed.
Missoula, MT is the most beautiful place on earth!
We are not the only ones that get rosy cheeks during the cold weather.
big one
We have mutual respect for one another.


Fall in Huntingdon

Now that Wendell is now living it up in Montana, I’ve been dreaming about the west more and more. This jealousy has encouraged me to get out and enjoy central Pennsylvania so Wendell doesn’t think he’s the only one having fun. I haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like with Ultimate Frisbee, friends and schoolwork to blame. The mountains are really glowing orange now and it has been a wonderful first couple of months here this year. Enjoy this compilation of photos from my adventures.

The Cliffs
A migrant Blackpoll Warbler
There were still some lingering wildflowers
Goldenrod Feast

After our road trip this past summer where my fly rod was swallowed by the river, I decided to invest in a Tenkara fly rod. This is true simplicity, because it leaves the reel at home and the line is tied onto the end of the 12 foot rod. At first I worried that it would be restrictive on bigger water, but after getting out on the Little Juniata River and Spring Creek, I’m a true believer. I hooked 7 trout on each trip, and each one was super exciting. On my most recent evening trip to the Little Juniata I landed a fat 15 inch Brown Trout.

Where’s the reel?
One of the many Brown Trout


Tonight is our first night in the 30’s, so the cold is coming. Stay tuned for late fall and early winter adventures of Pennsylvania and Montana!


A Sliver of Fall

Now that we’re midway through October, autumn has arrived. I am welcomed by crisp foggy mornings and the smells of fallen leaves. The mass of warblers have passed by, with their absence being filled by hoards of sparrows. Recently I’ve gotten off campus to simply enjoy the fall colors and spend some quality time outdoors. Now all that’s missing is a little bit of FallFest with friends. Here is my photo story. Enjoy.


Alan Seeger Natural Area


White-crowned Sparrow
Juniata River


Cape May Warbler
The Little Juniata River at Sunset



From FallFest 2011

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” ~ Henry David Thoreau