Montana Happenings

Enjoy the photo-journal of the last few weeks here in Missoula, MT.

Fishing the famed Bitterroot river in search of the elusive yet stunning rainbow trout.
Trying my tying hand at a few streamers. Unfortunately school has kept me away from my tying bench of late, so the fly box is looking a little scarce.
bitterroot bow
The bitterroot did not give up many fish, but the ones it did were captivating in their beauty.
The escape! They seem so happy to swim away, its like they don’t like to be caught or something.
I found this old deserted car along side one of the local rivers. Not sure how it got there, or how long it has been there.
I ran into the local sheep heard as I was traversing rock creek one day.
The classic tail and net shot!
garret rapids
Garret and I explored some new water on rock creek, and were quite satisfied with the results!
What he lacked in size he sure made up for in color.



The Last Days of Fall

Winter is just around the corner, so each and every moment has been spent on the water. The famous rivers are pretty much void of any human traffic due to the cold, and other activities. As winter moves in you will probably see more scenery and random pictures than fish pictures, so enjoy them while they last. Enjoy the pictures, as this lovely fall season comes to an end.

It’s always good to have a fishing buddy!
brownnsss al dayy
The leaves are not the only thing that are putting on a color show.
dearborn river
The Dearborn River, one of my new favorite haunts.
My first cast for the day produced this beauty.
garret fish
Garret with a large cutthroat!
Campus is showing off!
rock cut
Rock creek has never left us empty-handed.
Missoula, MT is the most beautiful place on earth!
We are not the only ones that get rosy cheeks during the cold weather.
big one
We have mutual respect for one another.


Montana In October

Fall starts early here in Montana. One night you go to bed and its a balmy 60 degrees and then you wake up and the temperature does not rise above 45 all day. Many in Montana have taken to the hills as archery season has begun, so this leaves the rivers relatively empty to the avid fishermen. Not only is it one of the most beautiful times of the year to fish, it also has some of the best mayfly hatches of the year. This paired with lowering water temps, make October a lovely month to hit the water with nothing but a box of dry flies.

What a wonderful way to start the day

Now since I am actually out here for school (I know it would not seem so) I thought I say a few things about the University of Montana. I transferred out here to study Environmental Science with an interest in Hydrology. This semester I am taking 16 credits, so its not a super heavy load, but enough to keep me busy. The 16 credit hours are split between 5 different classes. These include Environmental Science, Community and the Environment, Statistics, Linear and Probability Math, and Intro to Native American Studies.  For the most part I enjoy all of the classes except for Community and the Environment since it focuses on more of the political side rather then the science side. Besides all my work for classes I also recently picked up a job a the recycling center. This job is very basic and it includes picking up the recycling from the different buildings on campus, and then sorting out the “actual” recyclables and junking the rest.

star 2
A 47 minute star trail taken right outside of Missoula, MT along the Blackfoot River .
deep cut
The Westslope Cutthroats have put on their gorgeous spawning colors.

On my most recent trip to the North Fork of the Blackfoot, I met a young couple from Spokane, Washington. We hit it off right away and ended up fishing together for the day. It was great to meet some more young people on the stream who shared my love for the outdoors. Hopefully we will be able to meet up again some time to fish together, as I really enjoyed spending time with them.

fishing buddies
My fellow fishing buddies from Spokane, WA.
travis fish
That smile about sums up the day.
A brown trout caught on Rock Creek to mix it up.

Continuing on my college life. It has not been quite as easy to make solid friends out here as I had hoped, but I have been lucky enough to meet a few kindred spirits that I enjoy spending time with. As far as campus life goes, there is always plenty to do around campus, so much so that its hard to keep track of everything. One of the great things about attending such a big school is that there are so many people and each day you can meet someone new. That is probably one of the favorite aspects about a larger school. Well that about sums up my college experience so far, hopefully the next few months go as smoothly as the first.

Fish creek at dusk, some beautiful Montana water.

I end this post with a quote and a throwback picture of my parents. “A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it” Arnold Gingrich. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

mom and dad
The first and only time that I have ever witnessed my parents on the dance floor. I would just like to thank them for supporting me in my crazy endeavors, as well as always being there for me. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you guys.