The Final Tropical Month

I’m home!! I got home on August 13 after three long flights. It has been a busy final month in the jungle, but I am glad to be home in Pennsylvania with my friends and family. I’ll post a few more photos to highlight my work and journey in the Amazon. Enjoy!

Morning light shining through the dense jungle while mist netting.
I was able to do some Tenkara fishing on the Loboyoc quebrada. These fish loved big dry flies!
Batman; the Pink-throated Becard that we banded.
We also captured and banded this rare Violaceous Quail-Dove, which is only the 3rd documented record in all of Peru.
Ivory-billed Aracara. One of the final birds that we banded during my time. We banded about 350 birds of 90 species!
Several Sundays were spent swimming at the famous waterfalls.
The bird team also found many reptiles, amphibians, and mammals such as this Osteocephalus taurinus.
I was lucky enough to find another Harpy Eagle. This guy perched right above me before flying off with huge wing beats.
We found a couple of these beautiful Rainbow Boas near camp.
I had an unforgettable 10 weeks in the Amazon. I gained a TON of experience with mist netting and bird banding, and shared so many incredible moments.