Montana Gold

Well Christmas has come and gone and it looks like the new year will be arriving in a few days. No worries though, for the fish are still active and the outdoors are still as beautiful as ever. Rivers on the Fly have released their newest film. This short film is about winter fishing with streamers for brown trout. It was filmed in Southern Montana, about 3 hours south of Missoula. Make sure to watch in full HD, Enjoy!

A New Project

Hello again! It has been quite a few months since we have done much with the blog, but do not fear we are both still alive and well! I am excited to announce that I am working on a new project with one of my fellow UM classmates (Cody Strong). We have decided to start sharing our fly fishing adventures through the art of cinematography. This has been a dream of mine for a long time and it has finally come together. We recently released our second film project of our recent fishing trip to Rock Creek.  We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to comment!

An Eastern Summer

Hello again! It has been quite some time since I have signed on to deliver a post, so I figured it was time to do so again. My last two months have been filled with working, spending time with family, and a few adventures. The pictures can explain the rest. Enjoy!

the sunset
I got to spend some time with my friends from EMU in Archbold, Ohio. It was great to reconnect and explore the surrounding area.
Plant focus
Since my return east, I have made a few fishing trips to the famed Neversink River.
scarlet tananger
A scarlet tanager found along the banks of the Neversink.

The entire Baer family made a trip to Camp Deer park to surprise my brother Kenton; he was very surprised. We had a great time hanging out and exploring the new cabins that he built.

Its hard to call them a cabin when they look this nice.
Kenton with his beautiful creation.
Some of the boys took a lovely hike in the woods between rain showers.
All the pine used to build these cabins came from the surrounding woods and were milled onsite.
The Baer family.
deer 2
A curious whitetail that let me get way to close to it.
Gavin Brown
Gavin caught this trophy of a brown during some high water fishing on the Neversink.


neversink brown
I also got into a few nice ones.

Part of the Baer family also got to join the Dimmigs for a weekend in the Adirondacks. It was a lovely extended weekend, with plenty of delicious food, hikes, and fishing.

Sunset over the lake.
group shot
The jokes and stories were never lacking with this group of people. Thank you Pete and Marian, for the wonderful weekend.
gavins pike
He was very pleased with the fishing that the lake offered up.
29 inch pike
I could not find much to complain about as well.
Even though the nights were not totally clear, there were plenty of stars to enjoy.

adirondack house 1


tying flies
What a great place to master streamer patterns for the large fish lurking in the lake.
blue hour
The famous blue hour or “dusk”.

It has been a lovely summer so far, but I am ready to return west and continue my exploration. Nevertheless, I will always love these places and will forever dream about them.